Zhejiang Binhai Auto Parts Co. Ltd

Since 1983,Zhejiang Binhai Auto Parts Co. Ltd(Binhai) locate in Yuhuan,China, is specialized in manufacturing of transmission parts and machining parts for automotives、trucks and heavy duties, also is OEM supplier to No.1 transmission manufacturer -- China Fast Gear. Nowadays, Binhai take area of 43 acres totally(10 acres in mechanical & electrical industrial park of Yuhuan and 33.38 acres in Lupu industry zone of Yuhuan),totalconstruction area of21,000 square meters.

Binhai obtained the TS16949:2002 quality management certificate in Dec of 2007,it helps to support to manufacture good quality and satisfied products for customers. Binhai always consider the quality as life, insist on the policy of quality that “processes are in meticulous management”. Now the reputation of Binhai is increasing day by day,we implement the complete production process of scientific professional management, good quality and reasonable price are popular with customers from all over the world.

Binhai’s products are applicable to transmission, including shift control device assembly、synchronizer parts、valve parts、shift fork、guide block、cylinder body&head etc., our annual production capacity reach to 80million pcs of all different kinds of transmission parts .Since establishment of Binhai , we adhere to scientific and technological progress as the driving force, base on quality and reputation , introduce advanced machines、 R&D technology and new idea of manufacturing, Binhai have technical ability to manufacture and develop products according to each customer's requirements.

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