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Shiny Groove

Your Grooveshark music in a lovely mac app

Buy $3.99
Grooveshark Mac app Create your playlist
Grooveshark music mac Control your music
Shiny Groove flip animation Enjoy the awesome flip animation
Shake to hide Shake to hide...
Grooveshark for Mac ... and make it reappear
Play Pause Notifications Stop for a coffee break


Shiny Groove is available in 2 different version due to Mac App Store policies.

  Shiny Frog Store Mac App Store
Media Keys No
Apple Remote Nope
iPhone Headphones Nhaaa...
Global Hotkeys Nop
All the other cool Stuff
PRICE $3.99 $3.99

Grooveshark is a great service, you can browse an infinite music library, upload your own music, save and share playlists, discover new songs with the radio feature; everything on the clouds.

Shiny Groove gives Mac users the best Grooveshark experience. You can control your tunes with a cool mini player, your keyboard next, previous and play/pause keys, apple remote or iPhone/iPod headphones; all in an handy standalone app deliciously looking on your desktop.

We focused on creating a great mini player, it's designed to give you a quick and simple control of your music, with some really cool animations and a unique shake to hide features. To display retina ready artworks we use another awesome service: Discogs.

Thanks to Ben Kay and Oli Kingshott, GSRemote and can be enabled in Shiny Groove preferences.

Check settings to run Shiny Groove without the dock or menu icon, customise some mini player features, disabling remotes and headphones or OS X notifications.

Shiny Groove is available for $3.99 on our online store and Mac App Store, it require Mac OS X Lion (10.7.3) or greater.

Artwork images used to present Shiny Groove are a courtesy of Robb North
Shiny Groove is the result of the fusion between Shiny Frog's code and FFFABS's awesome design